A wop-bop a-loo-bop...

...a wop bam BULL DOG!

Well the mountain of cake crumbs have been hoovered up, the skip full of wine bottles removed and the muumuu has been let out (again) in preparation for Christmas.

Yes folks the birthday, like my youth, eyesight and natural haircolour has been n gone and now it's back to stitching with a vengance!

So next up in the series for the Aardvark Tea Room & Gallery. Doggy number 4 please....

Hopefully you're now familiar with:
Baz Man's Lola Chihuahua

Kojak Pug

Donny Osmond Dachshund

so now I would like to introduce you to:

Carmen Miranda vs Little Richard BullDogthankyouverymuch!

Bosh! See bully bull dog all sloshy in the watercolouring. Shades of golden browns and whiffs of pinks and lilacs all sit against a bright cheery turquoise

A face like a bulldog chewing a wasp? Well it's no real wonder. I mean, he's sitting there minding his own business....

.....singing a bit of Little Richard to pass the time and then one whiff of Tutti Frutti and before you know it, who rocks up?

Only Carmen bloody Miranda!
Look at 'er all in her fruity finery...she's so excited she's flinging grapes all over the shop...I mean really have some self control woman!

Fruity bouff is festooned with wee glassy beads, french knots and all sorts of zingy shades of silks n such...but she carries on like that she'll end up losing those narna's n pineapples!

So if you want to save him from all the aye carrumba-ing pop down to St.Leonards-on-Sea or drop Aardvark a line here and they'll oblige willingly...gawd only knows what she's doing with all the cake's n biccies down there?!....

Please remember folks a dog is for life not just for Christmas (or Carmen Miranda). But if you do want to give the gift of dog, cat or any other furry, feathery or scaley chum then drop me a line :)

Next time: Bedlington terrier vs Mama's n Papa's, a glimpse of the other 5 and some hot Miso Funky action!


alcoholinky said…
your lovely combination of reality, fantasy, humour and gorgeous colours never fails to hit the spot for me!
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, so georgeous!!
Brook said…
aahhhh I love the bulldog!
'fancypicnic' said…
See those grapes...? Oooh - I could crush 'em!!

Love it, miss mimi muumuu. Thanks for cheering me up this morning! xx C
cinnamon rose said…
I really can't get over how amazingly wonderful you work is!!
I love it all


I do love your colours
Cherry said…
HAHAHAH, AWSOME! Carmen and a Bulldog, what a duo!
Cherry said…
Karen! Ammy sends her love back! And give your sewing machine a chance, I know she aint that mean... You know, I started sewing without lessons, just with stuff from the internet. It helped me to download my machine's manual at the manufacture's site and watch ThreadBanger(its a youtube channel that teaches how to sew and do crafty stuff, the link is in my 'links'section). Im not very much of a sewer, but that dress was really easy, really. Thanks for the comments and nice words! Again, love your art! A big hug!
Dena L said…
Saw your pics on Flickr - love love love the combination of stitching and painting. If you've ever used Kreinik threads in your embroidery, please share photos at www.facebook.com/kreinik.manufacturiing.company. You would inspire so many stitchers to stitch outside of the box! (or fabric)

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