Molly's Frog!

ooo froggy went a courtin', he did ride ahumm!!

This was a commission for wee Molly and her shiney new pink bedroom.
I've been threatening to do her a picture for a loooong time...better late than never though eh?!

So this is a big old slippery froggy, watercolour on canvas. I applied very watery washes to the background which I then dropped chunky sea salt into to give it a sloshy watery feel, kept the rest of the painitng very free, pencil marks visible etc and then gone for it with the embroidery!

So it's got pond weed, it's got tadpoles and it's got a little glass turtle to keep froggy company...



hens teeth said…
I've kissed quite a few frogs in my time...ever the optimist....but none as gorg has this!
LOL! Thank you Viv x;0)

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