This time it's personal!

...need a little vent first, so a big thank you to the mindless moron who smashed my windscreen with a bottle on Fri night and has cost me £500...a pox on you! (What is wrong with people?!?!)


Anyway to lighter (and brighter) matters!

Today I'm loving my new, albeit temporary, hair colour...over the past years I've had it black with blue, pink and blonde, dark blue with purple extensions and dark red with white bits, but have to say this probably my fave so far....voila! :0)

...would madam like to see the back?

And finally I give you my Jimmy Saville impression: "Jewellery.. Jewellery.. Jewellery!!"

I've had these wooden hearts for a while now and didn't really know what to do with them so after a bit of head scratching, drilling and painting I came up with these...I threaded two onto organza and made them into chokers. (For sale if you're brave enough to wear one...they're quite large!)

I painted the pug with acrylics, the wording is in ink.


I used silver leaf and a line from "Who killed Bambi?" by the Sex Pistols.

Punky Bambi!

Karma Chameleon is same acrylic painting but I used Dutch gold leaf to pick out the "Karma"; threaded onto spotty ribbon and currently being used as a bag charm....

Snapped up by my lizard loving chum...thank you Lucy! :)

I'm on a roll at the moment so some are being turned into Christmas tree decorations too...I'm chanelling Slade and Roy Wood and general 70's glam rock, so watch this space!...


Kayla coo said…
Wow yout hair is amazing!
I love your new pendants, bigger the better I say.x
Teehee! Thank you sound like my kinda gal! :)
Gina said…
Thanks for calling by my blog... I'm loving yours - especially those gorgeous paintings with embroidery! Can't think why I've not discovered you before but I'll be back! Your hair is fabulous by the way - I wish I was that brave!
Gina x
ps Sorry to hear about your car.
Heyho Gina!
Thank you for your lovely comments...I love your embroidery..wonderous Viv at HensTeeth to thank for finding you!

...still fuming about the car, it's not the worse thing that could happen, I'm just annoyed at the idiots in the world...grr...altho I do believe in karma (hence the chameleon!!)

hens teeth said…
FIVE HUNDRED QUID!!!!! No wonder you are Grrrring. You have to pay all that money out because some ..... (guess the word), no doubt thinks it's clever to bottle your car ~ I'm mad too now.

Hair is groovy ~ I'm lovin' it and wish I had the bottle to do it.

Chokers are fab, truly unique.

Can you tell which era I'm from ...groovy and fab indeed.
Hey Viv!!

Yeah baby! x;0)

So karma indeed (guess my era!!) as turned on computer this eve to find I have sold two piccies on Folksy & Etsy, so huzzah and nur to the windscreen smashing £"**&?!

And thank you Zoe!!
'fancypicnic' said…
Lurve your work - and your hair!! I've given you an award -

You can do nothing if you like, but I wanted to point people in your direction!!
julie king said…
crazy hair color but i LOVE it! my fave of the wooden hearts is your pug! too cute.

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