If you've no place to go...

...hold that thought!

Firstly apologies for not dropping by to everyone's wonderful blogs or replying a bit quicker to posts and emails (SORRY!!) and also for lack of updates...but by 'eck I've been busy...not good painty/stitchy busy either, no! Crappy day job busy..."BOO!" to bills n crappy day job stuff!...

So I will be rectifying the former asap, promise! And I did find a bit of time to finish a painting I actually started yonks ago...so here goes...hope you like it :)

(*Did you hold that thought?!)

la la la la la...If you've no place to go...

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!

Well it's October so obviously it must mean Christmas...(put those mince pies away til December supermarket loons!)

So in keeping with the wintery weather this is a watercolour of a fluffy polar bear in a glittery, wintery, snow scape...brrrrr!!

I've hand embroidered the painting with a selection of sequins, glass beads and natural stones to add to the general glittery sparklyness. There's also a wee silver sequin teddy bear to keep our polar friend company!

Currently for sale on my Folksy shop...where there will be no mince pies...just yet :)

Quick update! My chums over at Etsy for Animals have adopted a polar bear, so if anyone is interested in helping the cause click here for details


Kayla coo said…
This would be great as a christmas card mimi.
Wonderful work.
Gina said…
I was just thinking the same - what a beautiful Christmas card this would make.
Thank you ladies! :)

I was over at Moo cards yest and they offer a greetings card print service...hmm...I shall investigate!!
Colorfuldayz said…
He is so beautiful, and the colors are so serene. Fabulous.
julie king said…
this is one of my favorites of all the pieces i've seen so far on your blog. i'm working on a new collage and i'd love to go straight to the art room when i get home from work today but i seriously need to pay some bills. aaaaarrrggghhhhhh!
That is STUNNING! There is so much to see here...
Robyn said…
Beautiful new painting! Very tranquil. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have crappy housework or day jobs? Though I work from home, looking after 2 grownup babies is a full time job. I would much rather get lost in my art all day long.

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