This one is a bit of stuff n nonsense...

Right, so anyway, Dada...had a fab sense of humour, he was master at coming up with daft poems, drawings, embarassing me in public that kinda thing, and I spent most of my childhood and part of my adult life collapsed in helpless fits of laughter.

When I was knee high to a Space Hopper he came up with this one based on the theme tune from the Mickey Mouse Club...

It's the one that goes like this:

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me?

(Remember when Natalie Cole did that posthomous "Unforgettable" duet with her dad? Well I like to think that with this latest work, that I'm following in the footsteps of them and other illustrious father/daughter combo's; Frank n Nancy Sinatra say or

Well anyway bit like that, only not as tuneful......and a bit more sweary!)

Contains language of an adult nature and possible mild peril...those of a nervous dispostion look away NOW!!

Watercolour n embroidery...

Mickey Loves the cheese! He loves: Brie, Roquefort, Cheddar, Edam, Gouda and Dairylea

It's got a watercolour mousey, it's got cheese... hand embroidered and chunks of yellow stones and sequinney bits fashioned to look like cheese, it's got swearing...who could want for more?! x;0)


Anonymous said…
haaaaa! i love it!
hens teeth said…
I'm not a little bastard, I'm just a little mouse.
It's not my fault if you leave cheese lying around the house!

It's oh so very tasty this brie and Dairylea, I'm so glad you left some out for sweet, gorgeous little me!
queencraftygirl said…
Mimi Love Forever, I tagged you. See my blog!

Queencraftygirl got mail girlfren!

Henny...I love you! x;0)

queencraftygirl...eek and thank you in equal measure! Hmm 7 things..this could take a while x;o)
Brook said…
hahah this is so funny! You are such a wonderful artist!
Kayla coo said…
Great work mimi.x
Joanie Hoffman said…
Happy days,

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