You know the Simpsons... that girly giggle Homer does or the high pitched scream Ned Flanders does when he's excited?
Well that's the noise coming from MimiLove Towers lately!

The wonderous Hamish saw fit to add me as a guest designer over at the frankly f*ckng fabulous Miso Funky. I'm joining the wonderous Laura Donald and her amazing Eastenders themed embroideries!

Can I click it?...
Miso Funky
Yes, you can....and so on in a De La Soul stylee...

I'm also about to start work on a new piccy...waiting for some hot embroidery action...tap tap tap

OOO! And I've been tagged...thank you QueenCraftyGirl...I think!
Ok.. so 7 random factoids...hmmm...well

1. I have an irrational fear of submarines, boats and bouys
(had quite a turn in a garden centre once when they'd used a big old boat thing for display...makes me feel quite clammy thinking about it)...I blame Jaws and the countless afternoon war matinees my mum watched

2. I'm disturbingly good at robotic dancing...it's a gift you know (I can also do the Hucklebuck)

3. I didn't have a Yorkie bar for 4yrs cos my Dad had me convinced you had to have an HGV licence to buy one

4. I once slept the night in the bumper cars at Brighton

5. In my head it's still the 1970's...(I'm watching the Sweeney as I type this Guv'nor!)

6. I've got appalling eyesight; I can't work past dusk and have to get Mr. Ben to thread my needles

7. I'm still using Nanny Grenfell's sewing box...it's old than me, but probably not as knackered! :)

Now...TAG...YOU'RE IT!
(No worries if you've already been got!)

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hens teeth said…
Bringing the 'speak' up-to-date..... 'cool', 'savage',
'sweet', bangin', 'mint', 'off the hook man'.
Undaunted said…
Just stumbled across you via Queen Crafty Girl - I gotta tell ya... your water colour and embroidery mix is absolutely fan-bloomin'-tastic!! Wow, what a brilliant idea! They're beautiful!
Robyn said…
That mouse painting is pure delight!
queencraftygirl said…
The mouse is adorable! I finished my Crow Costume :)!

Queeny C.G.
dropstitch said…
Thanks for my first ever tagging, misofunky neighbour! I am going to follow it up (even though I find making limited number lists just about the hardest brain ache ever!) but am having one of those weeks/months where my poor blog gets neglected. I love your mouse painting, by the way. Beautiful!

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