So it's the hottest October on record EVER; windows are wide open, variety of petlife draped around the joint basking in shafts of sunnyness, I'm even considering getting me cozzie on... but what have I been doing? Yep...painting snow scenes...tsk!

Well anyroad, I'm on a roll and other half found a lovely Joanna Lumley documentary which involved the Northern Lights and Ponny the Penguin which got me by the inspirationals and wouldn't let go til I did summin' about it...

Is there anyone lovlier than Joanna Lumley? Ghurka supporting, vegetarian, animal loving, non-aging, top actress (hysterical in Ab Fab...and indeed Sapphire n Steel..oh yes!)...top posh totty in my book!

Anyroad...in a *Perry Como stylee

A beautiful sight...

We're happy tonight...

Walking in a Winter wonderland!

More watercolour and embroidery lunacy! Currently for sale over at Etsy with some of my other gubbins

*I know I was whinging about the whole Christmas thing in my last post...but this WAS Christmas for me as a nipper! :)


Gina said…
Love the latest painting... love Joanna Lumley too!
Anonymous said…
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Waiting with curiosity. To know your innovation.
hens teeth said…
Hello fruit
Brrrrrrr you can almost feel the icy coldness, it is so beautiful. Hope things have cooled at work a little and you have more time to do this unique and gorgeous work of yours.
queencraftygirl said…
I love the penquin painting, and all of your animal paintings! They are really neat!

Joanie Hoffman said…
Your canvases are absolutely wonderful. What a great way to combine watercolor & embroidery.
I am in awe.
Happy days,
Robyn said…
I loved Joanna Lumley as Purdey many moons ago. What was the show called? The Avengers?I think we even named a dog after her.

Love the painting!
Kayla coo said…
Hi mimi,
Hows you?
Love the festive feel.
I loved Sapphire and Steel! What was the name of the blonde chap...?
I will have to google that now!
'fancypicnic' said…
Ooh...so gorgeous!! Love, love love your work...scrumptious xx

sapphire and steel? Then you must mean David McCallum - gawd, I LOVED that show!!!

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