Chick chick chick chick CHICKENNN!!!!!

What can I say, I like a chicken, they come in wicked colours, got a good shape going and they make me smile, so as inspiration goes, they're pretty minty! :)

This was a commission for a 40th birthday. It's a shoulder bag/purse with a long heavy silver chain so it could be worn across the body as the receiver likes to boogie...hence the return to Abba's Dancing Queen. It's chock full of embroidery and there's quite a few (requested!) insults and various personal quotes on the back and inside.
It also came with a mini bag made from a panty liner and tampon...but that's a story for another day! :)

The bag was lined with bright pink felt and rough machine stitched with multicolour threads and the hen is hand painted in acrylics and heavily beaded with glass, ceramic and faux coral too and there's a smattering of sequin stars for a bit of extra razzle dazzle on the dance floor


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