I feel pretty...

...and witty...

...and gay...huzzah!!

Oh I do like a pug, they make me laugh and it's a good word. Pug!
Went a bit demented with the embroidery with this one, but once I started I couldn't stop...less is more means nowt to me luv!

So anyroad, watercolour on canvas again, choc full of french knots, flowery stuff, sequinny bits and a wee ceramic bird for good measure. And is there a finer musical the Westside Story...probbly, but I like the tune anyway.
Puggy say "WUFF WUFF WUFF!" too
The original is currently for sale on my Etsy shoppy or available as a postcard for reccession hit purses! :)


Hens teeth said…
Oh sew pretty :-)
Now O know where I recognise the name from - you were at the Truly Handmade craft fair in Mere Green, but did I also buy a muffle kiln off you via the "Bay of E"? ;o)

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