Some people call me Maurice...switswoo!

Slap wristies and apologies for the woeful lack of updates!
I just dunno where the time goes

Anyhoo, I'm here now...better late than never eh?

So I have been experimenting a bit more with the whole embroidery and painting thing, with a few new bags and some canvas pieces too.
Hope you like them :)

Some people call me Maurice...switswoo!

I've used the same fabric as all the other, a cream coloured cotton, but dip dyed in watered down acrylic paint. The fabric crinkled up in the solution and the paint has formed a crackled effect which didn't disappear even after a gentle wash, but I'm liking the effect a lot!
Hand embroidered with hearts and flowers and a bit of artistic licence with the lyrics to The Joker

I did make this with the intention of selling on, but I've decided I'm keeping him for me!


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