So happy

Swift departure from the bags, this time I've popped over to a nice bit o watercolour...I do like a watercolour...

So this is a portrait inspired by Warhol's series of cat prints and my own shabby tabby Babe, (check him out in my earlier posts) this is free loose style painting to keep the colours fresh and bright, pencil marks are also visible, cos I like that. Colours are shades of browns, creams and hints of blue

I embroidered the painting with french knots in cream with the wording in black embroidery silk and cotton.

The painting was further embellished for extra glittery kitchyness with tiny glass butterflies in clear glass, green glass to pick out his odd green eye, peachy tone to pick out his orange nose!

Babe say PURR!

Babe also say he's for sale over here real soon:
Etsy for Animals charity
He's also available as a shiney postcard if you want to send purry cat love greetings to your chums, pop over to my Etsy shop or email me
My Etsy shoppy


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