Don't Eat the Daisies!

OO it's got a cow, it's got embroidery, it's got Doris Day...what more could you want?!

A free loose style painting to keep the colours fresh and bright, pencil marks are also visible. Colours are shades of blues, zingy yellows and greens

I embroidered the painting with french knots (mmm!) in green and scattered daisies in white and cream, the wording in black embroidery silk.

The painting was embellished for extra glittery kitchyness with tiny glass beads in contrasting zingy orange, clear glass and opaque green glass

Daisy say MOO!
Sold...huzzah! Etsy for animals..all cash raised goes to helping various animal charities


Kayla coo said…
Fab art work, I love the stitched canvas.
'fancypicnic' said…
Found you via glad I did!
Love your artwork...chickens/roosters are fab. I really like the block canvas with the embroidery. Nice touch.
mvegan said…
You know I love it!!!! :0) Such a fast sale, thank you for helping EFA help the animals, this post will be linked in the EFA blog publicity section;
lou said…
the more i scroll down, the more i love. Sorry i will stop commenting in a sec on your work!!I have added you to my favourites!
I especially love the cow painting, they are my favourite animals, i think i might be buying this postcard very soon!
lou said…
Thank you for the postcard! I received it yesterday!
Even my bf liked it and made him smile, and he never likes/understands my purchases! x

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